Greater Louisville Music Teacher Association

Music Fun Faire


Date: Saturday, November 18th, 2017
Place: University of Louisville School of Music
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.


The Greater Louisville Music Teachers Association cordially invites all piano and voice teachers, both members and non-members, to enter their students in the Music Fun Faire.

The Music Fun Faire is available to beginning to moderately advanced piano students from grades 1-8. Voice students must be in grades 5-8. Students are welcome to participate regardless of performance level within their age/grade category.
Students are grouped by age and school grade. Each student will play or sing two memorized pieces for an adjudicator. For pianists, no pop music or arrangements will be accepted. For singers, music can be chosen from folk song or art song repertoire. No pop music will be accepted. Performers will then receive written comments that provide both positive reinforcement and suggestions for improvement. In addition, students will attend several group sessions such as keyboard lab, movement class and drama games.

Not regarded as a competition, the Music Fun Faire is a motivating experience. Participants meet and interact with other music students and develop new friendships while they spend the morning in an enriching, musically educational setting. Music Fun Faire is a rewarding, informational and fun time for all.

Based on the student auditions, the adjudicators will select qualified students to perform in the State Honors Recital at the Kentucky Music Teachers Association State Conference. All the Music Fun Faire participants will have the opportunity to attend a short recital by the State Honors Recital selectees at the end of the morning’s activities.

Registration Fees

Non-GLMTA Members: $50

$30 per student



Solos, Duets, and Scales: Students will receive comments, not ratings.

Enrichment activities include:
Keyboard Lab, Vocal/Movement, and Theory Interactive Games. There is a mini-recital at the end featuring selected students.

Solos: 1 – 3 solos per student. Solos must be memorized and at least eight measures in length. (No arrangements, popular music or photocopies) Maximum time: 5 minutes.

Students must bring their music in a 10 x 13 envelope on the day of the Workshop.

Duets: Duets need not be memorized.

Scales: Scales are optional. Students may prepare 2 -4 scales, of which the judge will hear two. Cadence patterns are also optional and are chosen by the student’s teacher. Minor scales should be prepared in harmonic form. The teacher chooses one of the following scale formats, depending on individual student’s ability:

Five-finger patterns, hands separately
Five-finger patterns, hands together
One or two octaves, hands separately
One or two octaves, hands together (contrary)
One or two octaves, hands together (parallel)

Each participating teacher must work during the workshop and, in addition, must provide one volunteer name for every three entries [i.e., 4 entries = teacher plus 2 volunteer names]