Greater Louisville Music Teacher Association

KMTA Regional Festival

Date: Saturday, May 19th 2018
The Piano Shop

13040 Eastgate Park Way, Suite 108
Louisville, KY 40223


*Registration Deadline Extended to May 5th, 2018*

To register, please click the button below and submit the registration form. After submission return to this page and select the “Add to Cart” button to complete with payment.
Please note the following regarding ONLINE registration:
The current form is not accepting any characters beyond numbers and letters (i.e. no periods or apostrophes). This is an uncommon error that has not happened in the past. Please submit your form as-is, without punctuation. Any forms submitted without appropriate punctuation will still be accepted and will be corrected post-submission.


The Keyboard Festival is a local performance event for students of all ages. Students will perform two pieces of contrasting styles for a KMTA adjudicator and receive written comments. There is also an optional theory test with levels that range from novice through advanced.

Distinguished performances will be eligible to be nominated to perform in the GLMTA Scholarship Audition immediately following the Festival.
  • Open to all ages
  • Only $25 per student
  • Perform 2 pieces of contrasting styles
  • Optional theory test
  • Distinguished performances will be eligible for nomination to the GLMTA Scholarship Audition
  • $200 Scholarships Awarded to Winners



Three divisions for piano students of varying abilities:

Division A (non-competitive, comments only)
Divisions I and II (based on school grade and ability, theory test required)

Division A:
Open to students of all ages, including adults
Non-competitive, for comments only (no rating)
Theory test optional
Each performer receives a certificate

Two pieces of contrasting styles
Each solo must be at least 8 measures in length
No popular music
No arrangements
Memorization required

Division I and II:

Theory Test: In addition to the adjudication, all Division I and II students take a theory test. The tests are organized into levels. Students who pass a given level may proceed to the next level the following year. It is not necessary to begin with Level One if a student seems able to take a more advanced test. Conversely, it is fine, and advisable, for students who did not comfortably pass a level the previous year to retake the same level. Teachers indicate on the student’s registration form which level he or she is to take and need to inform the student of this choice. Theory scores of 96% and above will be marked with a seal of excellence.

To assist in preparing students for the theory test, you may download study guides from the KMTA web site. Also, you may request a theory syllabus from Bethany Cothern, KMTA Theory Chair, at

Registration Information: Participating teachers must be KMTA members in good standing in order to enter students without paying an additional teacher fee. Non-KMTA member teachers may enter students by paying a teacher fee of $20.

Complete eligibility requirements and registration information are found in the KMTA Regional Festival Handbook. (The information in this handbook was revised in 2013. Please reference this web page for the most current information.)

All forms must be filled out properly in order for students to participate.

There is a $25 non-refundable fee per student
Make checks payable to KMTA. (One check only, please.)


Mail to:
Regional Festival Manager:
Dr. Denine LeBlanc
1311 S. First St.
Louisville, KY 40208


New Registration Form 
New Adjudication Form (print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper)
(Postmark Deadline: 30 days before festival)