GLMTA Membership

We’re always delighted to welcome new members into GLMTA. Membership in GLMTA requires membership in the national (MTNA) and state (KMTA) organizations as well. The process of membership can be initiated with forms found on the MTNA website.

Click here for membership forms at the MTNA website.

Upcoming Events

October 12: Guest Speaker: Joshua Thompson at Bellarmine University and UofL

October 12, 7:00PM: Recital by Joshua Thompson at Bird Hall, UofL

October 20, 10:30AM: Guest Speaker: Dr. Anna Johnsonon at Bellarmine University

November 18: Fun Fair at UofL

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Community Links

Kentucky Music Teachers Association (KMTA)

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

American College of Musicians

National Federation of Music Clubs