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Greater Louisville Music Teachers Association

Scholarship Audition

In the spring of every year, in conjunction with the KMTA Regional Festival, the Greater Louisville Music Teachers Association (GLMTA) provides an opportunity for students to compete for a total of four scholarships in the following categories:

1. Best Performance by an elementary student, grades 1 - 6

2. Best Performance by a middle high student, grades 7 - 9

3. Best Performance by a high school student, grades 10 - 12

4. Best Performance of a work composed from 1910 - present (any grade level)

Candidates for these scholarships are selected from the KMTA Festival auditions which are held during the day.

The competition takes place after the KMTA Festival event is completed and is in a recital format. Usually several of the festivals best performers are chosen for each grade level, and then compete in the GLMTA Scholarship round playing only one piece.

Theory tests are not required for this event.

After the performances are over, the judge(s) chooses one winner for each of the above mentioned categories.

A total of $800.00 in cash prizes is awarded. The Piano Shop (Matt Grossman) underwrites a $200.00 scholarship, anonymous donors underwrite $200.00 scholarships, and GLMTA underwrites two $200.00 scholarships.